Vision & Values

LORD GROUP's business is shaped by innovative thinking, vast competence, working in a spirit and maintaining transparency. We are a reliable, trustworthy to our customers and dedicated to providing quality in all project.The vision and values determine everything from employment to operation. But most of all, the following vision and values define what is meant to be LORD GROUP

while using the latest in engineering and management sciences always ensures the highest quality. From engineering design through to commissioning, LORD GROUP Interprets and complies with all quality management requirements. Additionally, the continually revised work processes ensure that current best practices are incorporated into the execution plan, the procedures, the specifications and the design guidelines of all job.

Every engineering-related detail in completed and ongoing projects is constantly questioned and re-examined and innovative engineering solutions are being continually researched and developed for better and more efficient results.

Enhancing existing technologies in search of developing more and more rapid means of mobilization and project completion methods is the desire of each and every project - execution group.

"Zero Accident" policy is a goal at LORD GROUP incessantly implementing the comprehensive Health Safety and Environment (HSE) policy to protect all employees and associates working at LORD GROUP offices, construction sites and related facilities. It is including protection from every kind of pollution, hazard and accident that may result from its business.Lord Enclave has been one of our zero casualty completed projects.

LORD GROUP's mission dictates that it must be involved in, and continuously raise its contribution to, the communities where it works. Management of social impact includes the process of identifying, monitoring and managing the intended and unintended social consequences of a project. Its aim is to bring about a more sustainable and equitable environment.

LORD GROUP Adopts, in all its offices and construction sites, the most recent labour policies and up-to-date working conditions, enabling its employees to achieve the company's objectives in a comfortable, healthy and safe environment. It is LORD GROUP's firm belief that its highly skilled staff and workforce is one of its most significant competitive advantages. Also recognizing that training is an essential ingredient in improving the performance of individuals, which also translates into producing a successful project that both LORD GROUP and its customers can be proud of.