To continuously increase our contribution to the economies of our country where we work while preserving our feature of being an enterprise which implements the tasks it undertakes with great success in quality and execution time; to be a company whose involvement is desired by its customers; to be a company that retains a reasonable profit margin from its undertakings; and to be a group with which its employees are proud to be associated.

We have adhered to the below stated ethics, and we will adhere to these in the future in order to fulfill our mission.
  • Not to compromise general and professional ethics
  • Always to approve a constructive approach towards our customers and partners, beyond the mere fulfillment of our contractual duties
  • To be amenable to innovations, to implement state of the art technologies and always to seek the superior
  • To be sensitive and vigilant in matters of work safety and environmental protection
  • To train our young people in accordance with our culture to be creative, industrious and honest and to take care that our people work as individuals who are self confident, communicative, ready to exercise powers vested in them and to assume responsibility
  • To seek our competitive benefit and profit in perfection of our own management and technical skills.